Shelter Kits & Umbrellas

The Lapa Company offer a wide range of thatch tile structures, commonly known as Garden Shelters, Shelter Kits or Roof Kits. All of our shelters come in kit form and are perfect for self-assembly. Each kit comes with full instructions and all the fixings you will require.

Garden shelters are typically open-sided structures, and this is perfect if you like the idea of a thatched feature but don't want the enclosed sides found on a traditional gazebo. Our range includes both circular and oval structures, all of which utilise our easy to install Cape Reed Thatch Tiles. Additionally we offer a Thatch Tile Umbrella Kit.

For a sleek finish, you can add a canvas roof lining to any of our garden shelters. All of our canvas products have a 5 year manufacturers warranty, are available in a choice of over 30 colours (view our colour selector chart) and made from the most UV-resistant material available.

Please note that unlike our thatched gazebos, our Shelter Kits are not free standing and you will need to insert the uprights into footings. If you would prefer further support for your project we can complete the installation on your behalf.

We supply our garden shelter kits in two formats, and you can choose between a circular or oval shape;

Option 1 Roof Only

This simple kit is ideal for those with their own uprights and includes 4 sections of roof framework plus all the thatch tiles required to complete the project.

Option 2 Roof & Rustic Uprights

For a rustic finish we can supply our roof kits with the required number of rustic uprights, forming a classic Shelter Kit. These eucalyptus poles are imported from Africa and give a superb authentic finish.

Pricing Information for Shelter Kits and Umbrellas

Please note all prices shown are for the supply of the kits only. If you would like us to complete your installation we would be happy to do so. Due to the variable nature of different sites please contact us on 01732 884030 to confirm an installation price for your project.

Circular Shelter Kits

  2.8m Ø 3.2m Ø 3.8m Ø 4.2m Ø
Option 1) Roof Only £850 £1,095 £1,425 £1,755
Option 2) Roof & Rustic Uprights £1,000 £1,205 £1,550 £1,890
Canvas Roof Lining £399 £450 £535 £599

All prices shown incl VAT.

Oval Shelter Kits

  2.8 x 4.5m 3.8 x 6.0m 4.2 x 6.0m
Option 1) Roof Only £1,750 £2,520 £2,860
Option 2) Roof & Rustic Uprights £1,970 £2,740 £3,185
Canvas Roof Lining £770 £1,005 £1,095

All prices shown incl VAT.

Thatched Umbrella Kits

  2.4m 2.8m 3.2m
Thatch Tile Umbrella Kit £695 £950 £1,195

Each kit includes a choice of main pole; natural hardwood or machined timber, 4 sections of roof framework and the required number of Thatch Tiles. All prices shown incl VAT.

About Us

The Lapa Company are suppliers of premium outdoor living products.

We supply traditionally thatched Lapas and a range of Thatch Tile and Cedar Shingle Roof Tile gazebos. We also offer a wide variety of timber via our Total Poles brand, and supply premium outdoor kitchen brands Fire Magic and BeefEater.

Our Ethos

We feel it is our responsibility to ensure we produce and distribute a responsibly sourced product and this is a priority when sourcing suppliers. Not all of our products are FSC certified, therefore please specify on your order if FSC material is required.

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