Posted on 03/05/2016 by Joni Beal

Growing Your Summer Garden

Keeping your summer garden looking well kept and fresh is a simple task if you ensure your basics are under control. Here are some of our tips for aiding your garden this summer...


A layer of mulch over your soil shields it from the sun and helps prevent moisture being lost. Any type of mulch will aid it as long as it decomposes well and will add to your soil structure.


One minute they're a little hint of trouble, the next they're taking over your beds. Weeds are easiest to deal with when small - take them out to prvent them absorbing moisture and essential nutrients from your plants

Plant Dahlias

Dahlias are great for an end of summer burst, they will flower when much of the garden is fading reinvigorating your landscape. Plant from tubers in April/May or from pots in May/June.



In May/June pinch the top of your autumn blooming perennials - typically this will provide a sturdier bloom come September.


Faded flowers are attempting to produce further seeds, but deadheading may produce more flowers as the plants energy is diverted back to blooming.


Summer brings new hurdles for gardens with an increase in insects and disease - keep an eye out for issues such as blackspot.


Depending on weather and if there is a long spell of dryness, a light watering will keep plants looking fresh - but aim for the soil not the leaves to avoid damaging flowers and encouraging disease.


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