Posted on 01/10/2018 by Joni Beal

Getting your gazebo ready for Winter

If you're already starting the countdown to Christmas, it's a good time to give your gazebo or garden building a little care before the winter weather sets in.
Here are our Top 5 Tips to get you started...

1. Sweep
Autumn winds can bring with them an accumulation of little leaves, twigs, berries and other garden treasures that can get caught in between the grooves of decking, under seats etc and if you're shutting up your Gazebo for the winter it's best to clear these out.

2. Freshen up your canvas and cushions
Many gazebos and garden building owners have our colourful canvas panels and bench cushions. Made from high quality, UV resistant canvas, they will benefit from a freshen up each year. If you aren't using your Gazebo over winter this can be the perfect time to move cushion covers or canvas for a clean. Warm soapy water is all that is needed.

3. Heat
If you haven't added pendant heaters, this is a great time to do this - extending the use of your Gazebo right through the winter period. The design style ensures heat is focused onto the seating areas rather than being dispersed in the air. Order yours here

4. Brush
Whatever type of roof you have, whether Cape Reed Thatch Tiles or Cedar Shingle Roof Tiles, it's well worth brushing down the roof at the end of summer (and after the Autumn/Winter period) to ensure it is free of leaves and looks as pristine as possible. This simple action also enables you to keep your roof in best possible condition.

5. Light
Winter evenings drawing in means lighting can prove a practical and stylish addition to your Gazebo. The most popular way to light your Gazebo is through the addition of lights on your upright posts, or through the addition of fairy lights around the roof beam. Ensure any lighting used is appropriate for outdoor use and installed by a suitably qualified electrician.

These simple tips for winter will help maintain your gazebo or garden building for years to come, and ensure you can get the most from your life outdoors.


Posted on 02/08/2018 by Joni Beal

Why the Prestige is our most popular garden building

Launched back in 2016, the Prestige has continued to rise in popularity and we have seen happy customers choosing this option time and time again.

So why the Prestige? 

The Prestige Gazebo creates a unique social space - part Outdoor Kitchen, part Gazebo, it seats up to 12 and allows for a complete entertaining area in one. 

The Lapa Company have a long history with designing striking outdoor kitchens and our expertise in garden buildings and outdoor kitchen building allowed us to create the stunning Prestige. 

The Outdoor Kitchen area includes a powerful gas BBQ, side burner, Outdoor Fridge and plentiful worksurfaces - including a raised bar with 4 matching stools that allow you to grill without turning your back on friends and family. 

The seating area is spacious including an Alexander Rose table with 8 dining chairs. Above the dining table, and the outdoor kitchen, are infrared pendant heaters - creating warmth throughout the evening. 

Many of our customers choose to add UV resistant canvas panels to their garden building - great for creating a wind block, they can be rolled up or down individually so you don't lose the beautiful view of your garden and with over 30 colours to choose from it ensures the Prestige feels personalised. 

Styling the Prestige is unique to the client, and we've seen beautiful additions of table centrepieces and large floor lanterns to name but a few. Lighting the Prestige is a part of the package - with down and uplighters included and installed with every Prestige and this has proved very popular with clients, taking the thought and arrangements off their hands so that the end result is a 'ready to use' entertaining space.

The Prestige package is currently available from £19,995 including installation, see the Prestige page for further details.

Posted on 16/04/2018 by Joni Beal

Official Installers! Renson Louvered Canopies

Our team are just back from a trip to Belgium for certification as Official Installers for Renson Louvered Canopies. Visiting the worldclass factory near Ghent for four days, our team were put through rigorous training! Whilst we have a tradition of crafting wooden buildings for The Lapa Company, Renson Louvered Canopies are aluminium structures with a light yet sturdy design and a beautiful solid finish.

Renson's aluminium canopies are low-maintenance and resistant to UV radiation, making them the ideal choice for an English garden. Renson also offer a multitude of personalisations, from sound and light bars to wind tight screens and sliding panels, so that any outdoor environment can be just as comfortable as an indoor entertaining space. And, accomodating the British weather, the orientable louvers  open to allow you to bask in the sun, but when closed have discrete guttering to whisk rainfall away without wetting your patio.

All Renson products are underpinned by their worldwide reputation for quality and innovation which is what attracted us to their range. Neil Hennessey, Landscape Architect for The Lapa Company said "The Renson set up is very professional, the products are extremely well engineered and the research and development that has gone into them is evident at every stage".

We have a number of Renson installations scheduled for this summer and look forward to seeing the team in action!

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