Cape Reed Thatch Tiles

Cape Reed Thatched Roof Tiles Are Ideal for an Authentic Roof Finish

Cape Reed Thatch Is a Totally Natural, Environmentally Friendly Product.


Cape Reed is a completely natural, environmentally friendly South African thatch. If you require an artificial thatch material, we also offer combination thatch – a hybrid product that combines natural Cape Reed with a top layer of artificial thatch. Fabricated into tiles, Cape Reed and combination thatch is an excellent method of creating a thatched roof structure without the cost and time associated with a traditional thatched roof. South African Cape Reed thatch is a natural product, which combines the simplicity of use with a beautiful appearance to reproduce an authentic roof that looks stunning but most importantly requires no maintenance.

Looking to Rethatch a Gazebo or Garden Building? 

The standard cape reed thatch tiles were designed around a Do-It-Yourself concept and can be clipped onto an 8mm diameter steel rod, rope or nailed onto a wooden batten, making construction a simple procedure. They are ideal for theming existing structures and creating an entirely new look to your outside space, Gazebo or garden buildings. The thatch tiles can even be used indoors to create an African cape reed thatched bar area.


Cape Reed Standard Tile

thatched tiles

Description: The Standard Thatch Tile is ideal for both straight or circular roof sections.

Tile Dimensions: 800mm x 450mm x 25mm

Weight: +/-4.4kg

For Combination Alternative Shop Here!

Cape Reed Heavy Tile

Description: The Heavy Thatch Tile is ideal for For use on the top row of circular structures.

Tile Dimensions: 800mm x 450mm x 25mm

Weight: +/-4.4kg

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Cape Reed Top Cone

Description: A Thatch Top Cone is used to finish the top of any cone or circular shaped roof structure.

Tile Dimensions: 750mm wide x 450mm high.

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Corner Tile

Description: A Corner Tile covers 90 degree corners. For use on rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal roofs.

Tile Dimensions: 800mm bottom width x 380mm top width x 420mm high.

No Combination Tile Alternative Available for Corner Tile

Cape Reed Ridge Tile

Description: Perfect for an all-over straight edge thatch finish. For use on an oval shaped building or any building with a ridge.

Tile Dimensions: 800mm wide x 420mm high.

Weight: +/-4.4kg

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Ridge End Cap

Description: Perfect for an all-over straight edge thatch finish. Neatly finishes the ends of a ridge on rectangular or oval roofs.

Tile Dimensions: 150mm wide x 450mm high.

Weight: +/-4.4kg

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Cape Reed Thatch Specifications

  • South African Cape Reed Thatch (Thamnochortus Insignis family of reeds)
  • Flexible binding strip, allowing the tiles to bend and conform to unusual undulating roof lines
  • Binding strip consists of a two-part polyurethane mixture, reinforced with a nylon woven mesh
  • Each standard tile measures 800mm wide x 450mm high x 25mm thick and weighs approximately 4kg
  • Each standard or heavy tile will cover 0.28 square metres

To calculate the number of tiles needed, divide the roof area by 0.28

Standard tiles are supplied in boxes of 6 tiles and cover 1.6 sqm. 
All of our Thatch Tiles can be made Fire Retardant. This will be an additional cost of £2.99 per tile (incl VAT)


Installing Cape Reed Thatch Tiles

All Cape Reed Tiles are supplied with clips that can be fastened to an 8mm bar or rope and this is the recommended way to install. If required they can be nailed to a standard roof batten. 

We would recommend a minimum roof pitch of 30 degrees. Thatched tiles should be installed with a minimum overlap of 50mm. Once installed tiles are 98% watertight, require no maintenance and have a lifespan of 6-10 years.

If you have one of The Lapa Company gazebos and would prefer not to see the tiles and fixings from inside your structure, you can purchase a canvas roof lining from our Accessories range. Roof linings are available in over 30 different colours and made from UV resistant material. They are easy to add to your structure after the tiles are in place.

Please note when using corner tiles the distance between fixings should be reduced from 350mm to 250mm.

Potential Uses of Cape Reed Thatch Tiles​

  • Garden Structures
  • Spa Gazebos
  • Indoor Bars
  • Sunshades
  • Stables
  • Umbrellas
  • Outside Entertainment Areas
  • Entrances
  • Themed Buildings
  • Wendy Houses
  • Tree Houses
  • Walkways
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Barns
  • Car Ports
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